Old News

Old News, Platform Archive Project

Old News is a one off edition, fictional newspaper. Created as part of the Platform Archive Project. And exhibited at Platform Contemporary Art Space, Campbell Arcade, Melbourne.

Old News, Daily Paperboy Performance, Platform Contemporary Art Space, 2012, Image Credit: Isaac Carne

In 2012, five artists were invited to riffle through the drawers of Platform's archive. The artists were able to draw on more than twenty years of exhibition records from Melbourne's longest running Artist Run Space, with the intention of making a work for the Platform Archive Project. The principle medium of this series of exhibitions was the archive itself, with the artists simultaneously investigating Platform's archive and building upon it.

A series of five exhibitions took place over five months, between July and November, 2012. The project was curated by Emma Hamilton. Other artists included: Therese Keogh, Jessica Hood, Shannon Stanwell and Laura Carthew.

Old News, 2012, Platform Archive Project; Platform Contemporary Art Space, Image Credit: Isaac Carne
Old News was edited by Tess Healy and designed by Adriana Bernardo. Every weekday peak hour during November 2012, this fictional newspaper was distributed to the public via a paperboy.

Old News, 2012, Paper Boy on Opening Night, Image Credit: Haruka Hoshi
View the PDF version of Old News here